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The current market demands to simplify different processes through technology, this is why in Grupo NW we strategically build different microservices for our clients, providing a better user experience and innovating so that your company stands out and you can move to the next level.

Software Cáfe
Software Cáfe Software Cáfe Software Cáfe

Logistic controller software

Basically, it is a software that controls the entire process of coffee, cocoa, cotton and sugar products, from the scale everything is controlled by making scale receipts, then they associate it to a supplier, they can also associate it to a contract and make transfers from one farm to another farm.

Total compatibility

Your Coffee logistics control software will be compatible with all existing browsers and operating systems. This makes the difference when it comes to support.

Total Compatibilidad

Manage the entire operation

It is important that you are in control of your business. With this system, you will be connected to your business whenever you want, without limitations. If you don't measure what you do, you can't control it, you can't manage it and you can't improve it.

Total Compatibilidad


You will be able to parameterize your program in the way that suits you best. In this way, it is easy to create customer types, project categories, requirement types, among many other possible configurations.

Total Compatibilidad

Services of
Logistic controller software

Our Coffee logistic control software is made under strict quality parameters, with added value strategies in the management of operations. In addition, it has the experience of experts in different types of infrastructure.

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The platform facilitates the management of reports, quotations and their storage without capacity constraints.

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The platform will facilitate invoicing, reporting of executed activities, availability of reports by activity, SLA results and very important KPIs in conciliation with the client.

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Total management of your customers. You will be able to have the information at hand, from any in the world. With parameters such as projects, sites, teams, number of activities in a period of time, etc.

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Resource Optimization

Adjusting the resources of an operation improves or tips the balance in favor of the project's profitability.

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Human Resource Management

To have constant evaluations of personnel in aspects such as productivity, effectiveness, efficiency and technical capabilities.

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Control of Requirements

Of great importance for your business. Having a dynamic platform, such as operations, allows for planning and execution with high levels of compliance.

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