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The current market demands to simplify different processes through technology, that is why at Grupo NW we strategically build different microservices for our clients, providing a better user experience and innovating so that your company stands out and you can move to the next level.



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Solution controls of Petty cash

This payment method consists of handling minor expenses of your company, minimizing the amount of bank transfers that are generated when paying your employees or services that other entities have provided to your company.

Advantages of our software

You will be able to have greater control of your expenses in smaller payments, in a faster and more agile way, minimizing the billing costs that occur when making a payment through a bank, you will also help the environment, since the payment receipts will be generated digitally.

Caja Menor3

Likewise you could visualize data as:


The remaining balance, the date of the transaction, who is making the payment and the total amount to be paid.

Caracteristicas Caja Menor

Reduce costs operatives and banking

Caracteristicas Caja Menor

Streamlines the disbursement process for smaller payments 

Caracteristicas Caja Menor

You will be able to generate digital receipts

Caracteristicas Caja Menor

You will be able to have data such as: date, responsible, total value, NIT, quantity, VAT and description.

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