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The current market requires simplifying different processes through technology, which is why at Grupo NW we strategically build different microservices for our clients, providing a better user experience and innovating so that your company stands out and you can advance to the next level.

Multi Screen 1

Solución integral para publicidad en SMART TV.

Advertising on Smart TV opens up various possibilities to implement any marketing strategy that you have within your company, since the information will reach your customers more quickly and effectively.

We have created a digital channel for rooms and points of high traffic of people you can simultaneously display the information you want.

Caracteristicas MultiScreen

Without installations, you can do everything from your web browser.

Caracteristicas MultiScreen

Friendly interface for you to publish your content in a short time.

Caracteristicas MultiScreen

Control of all your screens.

Caracteristicas MultiScreen

Configurable for functionalities by screen or point.

Caracteristicas MultiScreen

Remote content management.

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